Tatanka Ohitika Tour Package 1

Tour with history of Standing Rock, Fort Yates and history of Sitting Bull, the Standing Rock and Tribal Office. Tour of the land between Fort Yates to Kenel SD, Fort Manuel and the areas from Kenel to Grand River.

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Individual Tours

Individual Tours $55.00 per hour/per person with groups of 15 or more $22.00 per person. One hour- $55.00. Two hours- $110.00. Three hours- $165.00. Four Hours-$220.00.

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Contact Information

Tatanka Okitika Historic Tours
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard
168-3 River Road
Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538
Phone: 701-854-8500 ext: 186
email: ladonnabrave1@aol.com

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