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Chief Grey Eagle

Wambli Rita,Grey Eagle fought in the Little Big Horn, Hunkpapa Sioux and Brother-in-law of Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull married two Grey Eagle sisters.
He was still alive on 1929, at Standing Rock Agency. In the 1885 Ration list Grey Eagle had 16 lodges and 58 people in his care.

(Rose Bud);
Imabel Wicoti
(A Village Inside);
Cetan Iyanke
(Running Hawk);
Heraka Wanjil
(One Buck Elk);
Pankeska Jatapi
(Shell King);
Hu Ksa
(Broken Leg);
Tatanka Wakantuya
(High Bull);
Wikmuke Wakua
(Chasing Rainbow);
Pte San
(Grey Cow);
Isnala Akicita
(Alone Soldier);
(Used as a Shield);
Akanyank Ktopi
(Kill Him Mounted);
Pe Ran
(Sore Head)
Wapaha Wicuki
(Takes the Hat)
Wiyaka Peohangle
(Wears the Feather);
Ptaha Sina
(Otter Skin Robe)

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